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Custom Brackets

Hi Tec Fabrication is your best source for custom and/or OEM production runs of metal brackets for a wide variety of applications. We can fabricate your project from carbon steel, stainless steel , aluminum, galvanized and galvanealed steel and complete it with the hardware of your choosing. Hi Tec will provide you a superior product at a competitive price, every time.

Send us your drawings and specifications. Hi Tec will return a quote for your project promptly. From precise production, a flawless finish and on time delivery, we know you will be glad you decided on Hi Tec Fabrication for the completion of your project.

Hi Tec Fabrication offers full sheet metal fabrication services for custom metal electronic cabinets & other steel, stainless steel and aluminum parts or assemblies.

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Call Hi Tec Fabrication today to discuss your project.


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